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Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Crossfit isn’t easy, that’s no secret. We show up, day after day, to lift heavy things, torture our energy systems, tear our muscles down, and run ourselves ragged. It’s called training and that’s how the champions do it, right? The problem is we’ve become so enamored with the dramatic training montages and “The Making of a Champion” videos that show the biggest and best of us doing nothing but working tirelessly we’ve forgotten the more crucial aspects of training. Remembering to actually care for ourselves!

The time we spend in the gym is but a fraction of the effort needed for healthy growth and success. If we come into the gym and work our butts off then wake up with sore muscles the following day and start into a routine with doughnuts, lattes, a few candies here and there, and maybe five hours of sleep at night, then we’re doing nothing but torturing ourselves at best. At worst we could actually be doing more harm than good!

If you stepped out of your skin for a day and looked at your life and habits as if you were looking at someone you loved, how would you feel? Would you counsel change? Would you tell them to sleep more? Train less? Eat better? We tend to push ourselves beyond those limits because we feel like we possess abilities beyond those of everyone else. As Crossfitters we’ve kind of trained ourselves into that mindset (anyone else ever told themselves “Just one more rep…”?) The truth of the matter is we have a tendency to push beyond our limits in all aspects of our lives and just stay there. After a while it becomes the norm and we don’t even realize we’re tearing ourselves down.

Instead, rest and recovery is needed. Sometimes a day NOT at the gym can be therapeutic (heresy, I know, bear with me here!) This is your body, after all! Give your muscles time to rebuild. Instead of watching just one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy, turn Netflix off and get an extra hour of rack time! Your mental and physical state with thank you. Make a change in your diet to give your body what it needs to do what you want it to do. If you take care of your body then your body will take care of you.

We all like to think we take care of number one, but the truth is sometimes we forget to do just that, and sometimes we may not realize we aren’t. Think about your husband or wife, your son or daughter, or hell, even about that pup you got from Reps for Rescues! You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to them and you’d want them to receive the best care possible, because they’re someone you love. Don’t forget about yourself. Treat yourself like someone you love, too.

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